And I don't want your gold, I just wanna know that you'll stay with me / And I don't like the show, I'm just here to love and hope I live free.

Sunnuntain soundtrack kuulostaapi kutakuinkin tällaiselta: 

Everlast - Ends
Huge L - Mittasuhde maailma
Gasellit - Heimo
Disco Ensemble - With Every Step
Watsky - Stand For Something
Pearl Jam - Even Flow
Samuli Putro - Mitäpä jos
Bloodhound Gang - Fire Water Burn
Weezer - Put Me Back Together
Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds
Katatonia - Teargas
Huge L - Viimeinen nuotiolaulu
Ruger Hauer - Ukraina
John Lennon - Gimme some truth
Jez Dior - Kings / 100
Evanescence - My Immortal

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